Brokers Station Review
Brokers Station Review
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Brokers Station Review

Brokersstation has earned the chance to be among the main section of the London Stock Exchange organization. This firm is also listed among the most efficient and safest companies by taking advantage of several essential regulations for any reliability as well as thriving forex market. Brokersstation believes in an appropriate application and uses arranged trading rules with the use of their client’s funds. By doing this, they have earned a reputation of being among the most trusted companies within the market.
There exist some factors other than regulations which are used by the company when dealing or trading stocks. Anything associated with the trading cast is seen as the most relevant. Trading types exist two of them, these are spreads and commissions as well as swaps known as charges or overnight financing payment. It is not important for a day trader to use swap rates, spreads and commissions are usually important and all traders with the intention of getting some income by trading should factor this in.
The company has a floating competitive spread charge using up to 0.8 pips in the trade market within the most active hours on the benchmark EUR/US currency pair. When the ESD/JPY spread is concerned, about 1.7 pips and 1.9 pips is charged by the company for the GBP/USD spread. It is clearly proven that these costs are unusually competitive and low when it comes to the current market. It is further proven that no commission is taken by the firm from any completed trade meaning the customers are usually fully paid with the mentioned amount of the spread. The company as well as some of the best spreads offered on popular commodities. One example is taken from the fact that a spread of about 50 cents was recently provided for every gold ounce and a barrel of oil for 14 cents, a competitive offer in this market. See Brokersstation’s Risk Management Tools.


Brokersstation is always good at providing an efficient trading CDF platform that was created using one of the greatest possible standards with the ability to serve thousands of customers trading with more than 2000 instruments. The process includes some forex pares and over 50 ETFs, commodities, shares, and indices which have been spread all over the globe in over 20 markets. Only a $20 minimum is required by the company to be deposited into the customer’s account before they can start trading. One more advantage of this company is that no marketing team like other trading companies is used. This implies customers will not have to deal with people who are too aggressive and client’s information is confidentially kept. In order for the application process is done, customers have will have to make a deposit in the account. Therefore, the best choice is Brokersstation for individuals who would not like to deal with third parties with the will to do trading activities all by themselves.

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Offerings for Risk Management

Brokers Station Review

Tools in various kinds are offered by Brokersstation for risk management. This part is very essential because they come with reduced chances of losing a high percentage. As an example, the chance for traders to manage their trading and leverage with any leverage level they choose depending total position value and equity, the deposit or withdrawal of funds is used to measure this process. Total Position value or equity can be seen on the Snapshot page of the client’s account which can be accessed from the homepage. Besides, it is possible for a customer to set a secured close at profit (limit) or close at loss (stop loss) particular levels for a price that could also help for risk decrease. Most brokers within the market do not use or have this feature.


Brokersstation has come to meet the demands of traders in need of greater leverage. With our system of floating leverage is about 1:1000. This implies increasing your buying power can be done with just one click.

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With a tight spreads advantage; spreads at Brokersstation start from 0.1 and 0.2 pips with the ECN MT5 and MT4 platform and 0.8 with the standard MT4 trading platform
Alerts can also be placed by customers for stock prices which will, therefore, produce notifications when the stock or markets a particular buy or sale price. As the stop features, available options are left open for customers by the alert s for set prices. This means customers have the ability to decide his next action as the market situation changes. In addition, the homepage of the clients possesses many different features such as the Instrument List and the Instrument Detail Screen. These consist a bell icon that can be used to access a screen for price alerts where setting up more preferences by the customer is possible. Other risk management additional tools are offered by Brokersstation. The trailing stops that for example works not different from the option of price limit. Both are designed for the protection of customer’s needs and profits which are therefore essential tools for risk management. The abiding stop that is placed by the client on the starting or opening a trade is usually locked in the individual’s profit by the lock of a position at the trailing stop new level other than using the original level. This means limiting or decreasing way of losing profit. This can be done by the clients without manually monitoring his/her position by simply adjusting the option of stop price.

Additional Features/ Offerings

Brokersstation was present among the first who offered leverage services by bitcoins, this became useful and available in CFDs early 2013. By that time, a leverage of 1:4 was provided by the broker. The company made a response by the following year to the increased of demands from clients and the leverage was increased to 1:10. The CDFs of the broker’s bitcoin is each month renewed. The most important notable thing is that the operation of bitcoin is similarly treated as other CDFs in the company and are usable in with the Brokersstation demo account. They have a website that can be seen in 32 languages and visitors are often sent to sites with the most preferred languages. An important feature is the free demo account which is unlimited. Trading can be practiced by customers for as long as they want

Deposits and Withdrawals

Several deposits and withdrawal methods are available, these include Skrill, Paypal, credit cards and bank transfer.

Brokersstation’s Bonus

Bonuses are well appreciated by customers and this broker is a place to get a variety of bonuses, and they significantly vary. for example, two types of bonuses were recently provided by the company. The traders who created an account and made a deposit were generously given a deposit bonus. The amount deposited will highly determine the amount of bonus. For example, a $30 bonus can be gotten from a $100 deposit and a $150 bonus from a $500 deposit. $1000 bonus is given to anyone who made a $5000 or more deposit. There is also a $25 bonus with no link of the deposit that was made, this bonus is given after the registration of trader’s account. This a beneficial bonus for customers with the wish to test the efficiency and reliability of the trading activities offered by the company before a full commitment.

Brokers station regulations

The Brokers station Company is operated by the International Security and was incorporated in Vanuatu and run as financial service cooperation. The company was licensed and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Service commission. The company is allowed by its license to offer trading services within financial derivative tools and commodity-based and other securities.

Customer Care Services

Brokersstation has a 24/7 customer service and open to customer care queries which can be accessed by email, fax or online chat platform. They also use the forex trading platform or the Webtrader platforms that offer relevant customer information. The company has a trading platform that comes in 3 forms which include a downloadable version, mobile trading app, and a web-based platform. Switching between these versions can be easily done. Customers can as well develop a personalized trading platform and get access to several features of trading including a guaranteed stop for loss with an advanced tool for technical analysis. Brokersstation has a totally reliable platform with a significant high execution rate, leverage, competitive spreads, and no commission is taken.

Advantages of using Brokersstation:

  • Availability of a demo account
  • The company has a multi-language website
  • The company is highly regulated


Brokersstation has put several tools that are user-friendly with the ability to make a pleasant trading for customers. The company possesses over 15 years of service which therefore offers the best CFD marketing service.

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4 thoughts on “Brokers Station Review”

  1. I started with them 2 months ago through a friend’s recommendation.
    I like the transparency and the consistency. The consultants helped me build a retirement plan, what i should have probably done 20 years ago.. I am happy to work with a team that cares about my goals.

  2. I’m working with Broker Station for the last 8 month, my account manager teaches me how to trade and guide me for simple use MT4. Already withdrew funds from my account, seems like they are very professional in their job!

  3. Broker Station is very old and reliable broker, with many licenses. I have account with them for last 6 month. No problems so far. I made $4500 for this time. I withdraw all these profits very fast and no one interrupt me. Support is helpful, available 24/5. Modern and technological platform.

  4. Got a phone call from one of their representatives,and he convinced me to invest 1,000$.
    That was about 5 months ago when I still was with IG.
    Now the account is standing on about 2.5k,and now planning to make my first withdrawal.
    Defiantly one of the top 3 brokers out there in the market!


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