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FOREX.COM Review – Gain capital is the parent company of FOREX.COM. Its aim is to provide the best trading platform for its investors with the best tools in the market. Trading is for serious investors and not all investors are great traders. FOREX.COM provides clear and easy ways to train you as a good investor. FOREX.COM aims to help independent investors to compete in the open global market through their platform.

Customer care

Do you need help with trading stocks online? There are many offers by FOREX.COM that can help you to that. You can call them, or do a live chat or even get in touch through email. FOREX.COM also has presence on social media that includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Talking about YouTube, FOREX.COM has its own channels where the reviews of professional brokers are uploaded, in order to help the newbies trying to enter the market. It is made sure that small videos of not more than 2 minutes are uploaded so that any investor who has a little knowledge about the forex trading, will understand or at least get some idea about how trading and relative practices actually work.

Frequently asked questions are divided into three creative sections. One is for those investors who want to know more about FOREX.COM. Then there is a section for those investors who are still skeptic about investing. Questions like how to put funds in the account or how to withdraw from it are also answered.

The last section is for investors who want to learn more, for that FOREX.COM has offered many informative short videos on YouTube, broker reviews. Basic details on how to trade on platforms they use, how to manage your account, how to set the watch list, how to do or undo changes on graphs etc. are explained. This will definitely help FOREX.COM to build strong and long lasting relationships with its end users and also to boost their confidence.

Risk awareness

Forex trading includes risk factor. Investors will be introduced to new and improved concepts like leverage. Leverage is basically taking a loan from the broker in order to increase your chances of profit. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of risks involved while trading stocks. FOREX.COM gives vital information for investors about issues they may have to tackle while taking leverages.

If you are confused about your investment and want to generate some profit you can “leverage their experts”. The financial advisors will reach out to you personally and also through giving you forecasts. This will help you in better understanding about how markets work. You can size your move or take a chance , in other words FOREX.COM advisors will help to shape your decision.


Strategies adopted by FOREX.COM are pretty impressive. Throughout the website you can actually see how customer oriented they truly are. By giving a small introduction about their accounts, they will ask you to test drive them or at least take the demo. Giving experience is a great way for building association and giving confidence to the investors. By offering the feel of real trading through a demo, one more interesting feature is offered. 30-day free trial for anyone who creates an account with FOREX.COM. You don’t have to deposit any fee but you will be given an account as a trader. Checking graphs, forex rates, news and to build familiarity with the tools.  They also guide you by giving fair advice and information regarding broker loan and the risks involved.

Overview of trade podium

FOREX.COM  offers two kinds of accounts. One is a trading account where you can either use the latest version or you can customize it and do it the old school way. The second account option is meta trader account where you get a number of tools with reliable information from data experts. There are videos updated by experienced brokers at FOREX.COM who have been using the podium for a long time .

The MT4 platform includes many new features like 3 different graphs types. At the right side you can see the watch list and you have your own selected highs and lows of market showing and below that you can see the latest news to stay updated. The display of news on this page is important because when there are high or low interest rates by the central bank, there are fluctuations in the trading world as well, sometimes resulting in loss and sometimes giving you profit. And then there are tools like live chat. You can add or remove your market data according to what you are interested in monitoring. So MT4 is a great platform for traders to understand trading in a new way with minimum risk involvements.

Concluding Remarks

Apart from a slow website and by providing only one phone number and email address, FOREX.COM  is a great choice for any new investor or for those who wants to switch from other trading partners. It is also a great way to compete in the market in real time. By looking at its well-designed information layout you can make quick decision which are vital in forex trading business. With FOREX.COM offering free 30-day accounts, you don’t have anything to loose. Just try their services and then decide for yourself whether you want to continue or discontinue working with FOREX.COM.

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